7 steps to do professional local SEO (case study: Moldova)

Local SEO means local website optimization. Naturally, if you have a commercial activity of any kind, having a website is imperative!

This online presence will grant you a profitable activity on the local market, virtually and, why not, in our offline world.

Nowadays, your presence in the digital environment can make you popular in a short period of time and with moderate investments. This is one of the reasons you really need local SEO in Moldova.

A special place here has the optimization of your site part.

In this article we are going to cover the following subjects regarding local SEO:

Why is it important to do local SEO?

SEO can help your website appear in organic searches on any search engine and can bring you clients that are genuinely interested in what you have to offer.

Moreover, SEO is a long-term investment that is going to pay for itself thousands of times!

If you google different keywords, the search engine is going to show you the most relevant results (wouldn’t it be great if your website was there, and why not, in the first place?) this way the search engine basically recommends websites to the clients. In some way, Google, Bing, Yahoo, and so on will give websites their token of trust. The thing is users believe Google is going to offer its best so much that only 7% of those who search for something online get to the second page of the search results!

Remember, if you do Professional SEO optimization – search engines are going to organically place you on the first page of the results.

One of the biggest problems that local companies encounter in online promotion and website SEO optimization is the local aspect of optimization.

What is local optimization from a search engine point of view?

If a user is searching for something on Google, he or she is going to be localized by the GPS (if the search is made from a smartphone) or by the IP (if the search is made from a PC/laptop) in his country.

To make it easier to understand – try to imagine the user is trying to have some wine that was locally made, he is going to search in Google. Search Engines know where the device from which the search is made is localized and it will recommend mainly the local website with the best credentials.

The 7 steps to optimize a local website – SEO optimization

To gain Google’s trust and be recommended by it, you have to take into consideration some factors that contribute to your local ranking success. You can only get there by using SEO techniques:

  1. You have to have a proper extension to your domain, namely “.md”. Don’t make the mistake of stopping here. Google Algorithms it’s just a sum of factors that find our popularity and decide on the relevance of a website on over 200 different metrics! A Top-level domain “.md” is just another one on Google’s list.
  2. To really be competitive in the local SEO market, ideally, your website will have content in more than one language. Using a local language for a website is very important, and it is a robust signal for a search engine. Romanian is the official language and the language in which there are the most online searches in Moldova. Certainly, there is a point in having it on your website! The second one on the list is Russian. This is one important aspect of local SEO in Moldova. It is recommended that your URL address has a subfolder in this language just like in the examples here: seolitte.com/ru/ or seolitte.com/en/. Without parameters (seolitte.com/lang=roseolitte.com/lang=ru) and without subdomains (ro.seolitte.comru.seolitte.com).
  3. Host a website in the country your activity is based, / where you are providing your services and where you get your clients from (with a country-specific IP address).
  4. Place the location of your business on the map and register your firm in “My business”- free services, that search engines are offering:

5. Register your website on local directories and relevant to your niche portals. Local search was a very profitable business before the internet, and Yellow Pages brought to you by your phone company were the most powerful informational tool. As soon as the internet won the territory in our lives, Yellow Pages started to migrate online. In Moldova there are some online catalogs where you can register your business:

        1. Totul.md;
        2. Idno.md;
        3. Firme.md;
        4. Kompass.md;
        5. YellowPages.md.

Also, it is very important to get links from the websites (good, relevant, popular ones) in the country you operate in!

6. It is very important to have your contacts on your website (you can place them in the footer for example) including the physical address.

7. Verify your address with Google My Business (Google is going to send you a mail with a unique code at the exact address you provided).

All these factors are going to promote you in the search engines, one of the key elements of the Search Engines is practicing SEO – which is going to grow by hundreds the probability that your website is going to be amongst the relevant ones.

The challenge is even bigger and the complexity levels skyrocket when you are trying to target more than one country. This is why you need to follow those steps for all the countries you want to expand your business in and where you are active on the market.

Understanding the way search engines work is a key component in SEO, Search Engine algorithms are constantly changing.
This is why, the Seollite team is constantly studying Search Engine’s algorithms and their functionality so we recommend fairly new, impactful, and multiple opportunities ways of SEO rankings (because it is not a well-explored segment).


Voice search is a new way of improving your searching experience on a mobile device. There is no need to use the keyboard, and it gives the user an easy interface and instant access to the results. The recognition technology is still modern in 2021 and Romanian is perfectly understood.

    • Google Voice Search: This is a free service from Google, which is going to give you the opportunity to search for anything you wish using just your voice instead of typing.
    • Google Mobile App for iPhone;
    • Google Voice for Android: Here you have voice search included. With just one tap you can start the recording and you can start asking Google. The results are going to be shown on the screen fast and on point.
    • Apple Siri: Siri is the rapid and funny solution for your iOS device – it is different because it uses natural human discourse. You can see the results on the screen and also hear Siri telling you the results of your search.

We wish you good luck in ranking high! We hope you got a good idea of what local SEO is. But if you can’t manage optimization on your own, you can always contact us, and we will definitely do Professional SEO!

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